Deconstructed Death Jam: A Jammin’ Good Condiment That Should Come With a Warning Label.

Deconstructed Death Jam: A Jammin’ Good Condiment That Should Come With a Warning Label.

And spicy pickles, too.

Deconstructed Death Jam

We like spicy food. No, really. We really, really like spicy food. That burn that’s felt in the mouth that lingers making even someone who doesn’t drink milk want to reach for a glass. That burn that’s telling me absolutely not to take another bite and I do. That burn that actually bites me back.  That burn that can be felt half an hour later in the stomach. That burn that goes something like this… “Sweetie, did I over do it this time?” My husband, rendered speechless, with watering eyes, a look of discomfort, and a cough, shakes his head, no. What more can I say, we like it HOT.

pepper plants

It’s our first go at a garden so naturally we over planted our City Pickers planter with a variety of spicy pepper plants.  I am a little green, haven’t quite matured, when it comes to gardening. Green as in, “Why are my habaneros green?”  Apparently they are not quite ripe yet. Had I left them to vine ripen they would have turned orange. But that’s ok because from what I’ve read green habanero peppers are perfectly acceptable for pickling. Don’t be fooled by the green.  These suckers are still hot!!!

 green habaneros

For the first batch of pickled strawberries and habaneros I confidently left the seeds and ribs with the pepper. “I can handle this,” I though after tasting a small piece of raw pepper, “surely it won’t be that much hotter with the seedskaufen viagra in deutschland. Boy was I wrong. Of course I wore gloves when I sliced them because I didn’t want to be wondering later why my hands were tingling or fear the dreaded stinging eye. Is it even safe to eat something that requires personal protective equipment?

strawberries and habanero1

After spooning out some of the first batch of pickled strawberries and habaneros over our morning salads and feeling the burn we aptly starting calling the condiment, Death Jam. It’s not jam at all rather, a jammin’ good condiment I would put at the heat level of death.  Down all this brining liquid in one shot and you might die. The fact that the dog was coughing/choking when I was blanching the unseeded peppers should have been a warning. For the next batch I started by seeding and ribbing the habaneros and then I add blueberries and blackberries to the mix. Caution, the blackberries soak up the spicy liquid much like well pressed tofu or soy curls! This second batch was much more bearable, but still hot.


There are many books and recipes online for pickling and canning. I just wanted something quick and easy because we will be keeping it refrigerated and eating it within a week. Today I made spicy pickles and Deconstructed Strawberry Death Jam. I used ½ distilled vinegar and ½ filtered water with kosher salt. Sugar can be added if you like a sweet pickle.  I brought the liquid and salt to a boil and adde sliced, seeded peppers and 2 whole, peeled cloves of garlic. I put cucumbers spears in one sanitized jar and sliced strawberries in another. I scooped half the peppers into each jar and then filled the jars with the brining liquid. Easy.  So easy even a green gardening pick-ler like me can make and enjoy this jammin’ condiment. Try it as a peanut butter and death jam sandwich. Yum!

pb and deconstructed jam




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