Stuffing Mother Nature’s Ground Meat

Stuffed Mushrooms: Stuffing Mother Nature’s Ground Meat

I buy an assortment of mushrooms every time I visit the market. When I saw some rather large button mushrooms I just knew I had to stuff them. Before changing to a vegan diet I didn’t really care for mushrooms. Now knowing how delicious and nutritious they are I just can’t get enough of them. I like to think of them as mother nature’s meat. Get it, ground meat! Check out this awesome video explaining how mushrooms grow from

Thank you Nicole Cotroneo Jolly and Mark Jolly, founders of How Does it Grow? for reminding me of the wondrous nature of the whole foods I use to fuel my body. Continue reading Stuffing Mother Nature’s Ground Meat

Raw Cucumber Soup

Raw Cucumber Soup

raw cucumber soup

I was filled with hope and pride when five cucumber plants sprouted from seed in our tiny garden. I had big plans. I was thinking about all the things I could do when I was inundated with a healthy harvest of cucumbers all at once. Recently, I acquired a bunch of cucumbers from a garden, but the garden wasn’t ours, which is perfectly fine. When we went away this summer we forgot to hook up the drip irrigation system for our planters resulting in the slow and painful (to watch) death of some of our plants. Our neighbor stopped by the other day with two bags of cucumbers and a cantaloupe so I still got that healthy harvest I was so focused upon. Thank you! Continue reading Raw Cucumber Soup

Split Double Green Pea Soup With Collard Greens

Split Double Green Pea Soup with Collard Greens

Split Double Pea Soup

It’s about that time of year when I need to go through the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to take inventory and regroup. I do this at the end of each season to keep the dried and raw stock such as legumes, grains, and seeds fresh. I store seeds and nuts in the refrigerator since they contain natural oil that can become rancid when exposed to light and heat. Continue reading Split Double Green Pea Soup With Collard Greens

Cooking Dry Beans While Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Cooking Dry Beans While Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: What I Learned from America’s Test Kitchen about Brining Beans

Dry Kidney Beans

A few benefits of cooking dried beans at home

  • Dried organic beans usually cost less than canned organic beans.
  • They don’t have any added salt or preservatives unless you add them.
  • When cooked correctly they have a much nicer taste and texture.

We eat lots of beans so of course I want the best value. Best value doesn’t just have to do with cost, taste and textures are also very important. My first few attempts at cooking dry beans were so inauspicious I just gave up. Bridget Lancaster form America’s Test Kitchen saved the day with this video.

http://youtu indian

brine tub with lid brightBrining beans is the way to go. I have cooked several batched of different kinds of brined beans and there is nothing like the taste and texture of these beans. Every time I test for doneness I am always shocked by the quality. The beans taste so good it’s hard to stop myself from going back for another spoonful.  I really want to share this information with you because I never thought I could get away from buying canned beans and be delighted with the results. This does take a little planning with the whole soaking overnight thing, but it is well worth it. To always have cooked beans on hand I cook about one-two pounds of dry beans (according to package instructions) and freeze them.  Continue reading Cooking Dry Beans While Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Chilled Roasted Corn Soup

A refreshing roasted corn-off-the cob chilled soup

Chilled Roasted Corn Soup

Corn on the cob is one of my favorite summertime foods. It’s such a fun food to eat. How many ways can you get around the cob? There’s the typewriter, which requires the sound effect, “Bing”, when you get to the end and then a roll back to the beginning of the next line. Then there is the traditional merry-go-round that requires merely rotating the cob clock-wise between fore fingers and thumbs, chomping all the while. And my new favorite passed down by my father-in-law this summer, the spiral. The name explains it all. Not only does the spiral look cool, it’s quite effective and has become part of my routine. So maybe I like corn on the cob so much because it is so fun to eat. Okay, Okay, I also like it because it is sweet! Continue reading Chilled Roasted Corn Soup

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Smoothie

 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Smoothie

This is a video I made showing you how to make my Peanut Butter chocolate Chip Dessert Smoothie. It’s about 220 calories. I came up with this recipe while visiting my parents. They love when I make vegan dishes for them, but my dad always wants dessert. Since Gabe and I rarely eat sweets I don’t have a huge repertoire of desserts. Don’t get me wrong we like our sugar in the form of beer, wine or bread. Our pallet is usually more on the savory side. I do however, love a good smoothie and I wanted my dad to be able to enjoy a sweet treat without the added calories from lots of refined sugar and fat. Continue reading Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Smoothie

Thumbs Up to Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

Don’t you just want to tell everyone when you find an all-natural product that does its job?  

Front of Schmidt's Bergamot+Lime Deodorant

I wasn’t looking for a new deodorant when I happened upon Schmidt’s.  I’m a bare minimum kind of gal when it comes to beauty products. I had been rubbing tea tree oil on my underarms all summer and that seemed to work better than any of the many natural deodorants I have tried. Although I am now finding out my husband wasn’t such a big fan of the scent of tea tree oil, but likes Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime. The scent is refreshing and clean doubling as my morning aroma therapy session since I cannot stop myself from taking a big sniff after opening the jar. It contains just the right amount of essential oils and the scent quickly dissipates. Continue reading Thumbs Up to Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Deodorant

Gonzo Flatbread

Gonzo Flatbread

An Out of This World Hummus, No Dipping Required, Fork and Knife Suggested

 gonzo flatbread

A love of hummus and a deadline inspired this delicious flatbread. I had an hour and a half before Gabe came home for lunch. I looked around the kitchen to see what I could make. When I saw garbanzo beans and some vine ripe tomatoes I started to form a plan. I knew I could pull this off in the allotted time frame if I started on the dough right away. Gabe, a self-proclaimed glutton for gluten, would be very happy, indeed. He never knows what he’ll come home to. On a good day, for him, that’s falafel or soy curl surprise, on a bad day it’s a big bowl of kale and quinoa. He is always willing to try what I make so I am happy to indulge him with treats like this. For our sans gluten friends out there, try topping a gluten-free crust the same way. Continue reading Gonzo Flatbread