Golden Beets and Beet Greens


golden beets1I get excited when I find bunches of beets with nice vibrant leave still attached. I wondered, do most people eat the greens? I do. I bought these beets figuring I would roast them. I wasn’t sure what exactly to make, but I remembered I had a block of extra firm tofu in the refrigerator, begging to be eaten.

I thought balsamic mustard glazed tofu would go well with the roasted beets and wilted beet greens. Frankly I don’t even know what that is… balsamic mustard glaze? My inner chef, the one that comes up with the inspiration, leaving only my self-taught cook to do the work is to blame.

mustard seeds

I started by making a mustard. I ground equal parts white (yellow in color) and brown mustard seeds to a fine pulp. I then mixed equal parts ground mustard seeds, vinegar and water.  I usually let this mustard set up in the refrigerator for a day before using it. I’m not going to go into how I made what should loosely be referred to as a marinade. Let’s just say it still needs a lot of work and wasn’t nearly what my inner chef was imagining. When I learn how to make a glaze with the flavor profile I visualize for the tofu I will share the recipe.

marinading tofu
Tofu in balsamic mustard “marinade”.

golden beets wedges

The beets turned out to be delicious. Keeping it simple, I cut them into wedges, put them on a rimmed baking sheet and tossed them in a little bit of olive oil and coarse salt.  I roasted them at 450F for 25 minutes flipping them 15 minutes into the cooking time. They have a much mellower flavor than red beets and prepared this way they make a nice substitute for potato wedges.

I removed the thick parts of the beet green stems by holding both sides of the leaf and ripping the stem away from the leaf. I sautéed onion and garlic in olive oil and added the greens moving them around until they wilted, about 2 minutes. Then I added a little bit of salt.

balsamic mustard tofuIn the end the lunch was enjoyable, but the tofu was lacking. Learning from my mistakes still tasted good.

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